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Xulio Merino

Xulio Merino

Xulio Merino discovered sponge ball magic in 2010. He's played with them obsessively since then, and if we add to that the great magic scene of the Spanish region of Galicia, that's what has made him a master in sponge balls. In just a few years, his techniques, theories, and effects have reinvented the perception of this overlooked object, and they've set the ground for the study of sponge ball magic that started with Albert Goshman, Frank Garcia and many other masters of porosity.

Another fantastic magician from the Spanish school is coming, and he's coming with a surreal, absurd, and extravagant style, but also with hundreds of coloured sponge balls in order to spread the Sponge New Wave all over the world.

"Xulio's the new DaOrtiz, but with sponge balls. He's a technically revolutionary showman, and a surreal clown." - Kiko Pastur

"When it seemed there was nothing more to invent with sponge balls, Xulio Merino showed up. The most impactful I've seen since Spongebob Squarepants" - Román García.

Awards and achievements

  • 1st Place Close-Up XXIV Magic Valongo 2012.
  • Hisrain dance provoked the strongest summer storm in Galicia in the last 50 years. 13th July 2013
  • Magic lectures and workshops since 2014 (Spain, Portugal, Japan).
  • Award Ramón Rioboo Toledo Ilusión 2018 (1st Place Close-up).
  • Magialdia Award 2018.
  • 1st Place Close-up French National Championship. 52nd edition FFAP.
  • Ascanio Award 2019, Magician of the Year. SEI Madrid.

About the lecture

For this lecture, Xulio Merino brings completely revolutionary material. New ideas with sponge balls that reinvent the basic techniques and set the ground for more advanced moves.

You'll also discover a ton of new effective and practical routines created by a magician who has tested all his material before lay audiences thousands of times, and who only performs and teaches the best pieces in his repertoire.

This is a brand new and different sponge ball magic that will make you want to play with coloured balls again.

Catch the Sponge Ball New Wave.

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