Changes to building regulations requirements

New requirements came into force on 15 June 2022 for:

  • Ventilation (Part F)
  • Conservation of fuel and power (Part L)
  • Overheating
  • Supply of EV charging points

Starting work before 15 June 2023

The change to the new standards allows for any project submitted before 15 June 2022, to continue to be built to the "old" standards as long as work starts before 15 June 2023.

"Commencement of work" for an extension / new build is:

  • the excavation for strip foundations
  • the preparation of ground for a raft foundation
  • the installation of piled foundations
  • the installation of drainage specific to the project

Starting work after 15 June 2023

Any project submitted before 15 June 2022 that begins work after 15 June 2023 will have to meet the updated standards as they apply to that individual project.

An additional charge may be made to cover the cost of re-checking plans that need updated in line with the new standards.

Please note: The new standards are decided by National Government and are not something the Council has any discretion over.