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Worried about your own safety?

 Children and young people

If someone is hurting you, please contact us:

Phone (office hours): 0191 424 5010


If you think you are being abused and need help, please contact us:

Phone: 0191 424 4049 ‚Äč
Phone (out of office hours): 0191 456 2093

Advice for young people

You may be worried about lots of things as you're growing up and not be sure what to do.

For information on things like bullying and keeping safe, visit Hype, the website for young people in South Tyneside.


If you're not sure about contacting us, you could phone Childline instead on 0800 1111. Calls to them are free.

You can also visit the Childline website for lots of useful information:

Abuse and safety

Home and families

School and college

Damaging yourself


Sex and relationships

Sexual identity

Life issues

Online and mobile safety


Crime and the law

Feelings and emotions


My body