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About abuse

This directory has been produced with the support of South Tyneside Domestic Violence Forum. The Forum was set up in 1994 and brings together a wide range of experience from local agencies that provide services for those affected by domestic abuse.

Each member of the Forum is committed to improving domestic abuse services, raising awareness of the issue and strengthening the protection, justice and support available for victims, their children and perpetrators. The Forum is also dedicated to the prevention of and early intervention into abusive relationships.

Domestic abuse crosses all boundaries, including age, gender, ethnicity, religion and class and is described by South Tyneside Domestic Violence Forum as:

"Any use of, or threat of, physical, emotional, verbal, economic, and/or sexual abuse, or any other behaviour that results in an individual living in fear and/or feeling abused through the use of power and control by an individual against another, with who they have, or have had, an intimate (though not necessarily sexual) relationship with. Where these behaviours are present, there is the increased possibility that children, pets and/or other family members are also experiencing violence."

Families experiencing domestic abuse have a wide range of needs, which can change over time.

These can range from crisis support and protection, to re-housing and help to rebuild their lives. Some of these needs can be met by statutory organisations or specialist domestic violence help services.

All support services have a role to play in providing an effective network of help or assistance for families. Knowing what services are available is the key to being able to use them.

About the directory of services

This directory can be used by women and men who have experienced, or are experiencing, domestic abuse.

It may also be useful for professional workers who give advice and support to victims of domestic abuse.

The majority of them are based in South Tyneside and surrounding areas.  However, a selection of national services have also been included.