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Community wardens

What are Community Wardens?

Community Wardens are a uniformed patrolling force who will work in partnership with the Police, Local Authority and other agencies to promote safety within your community.

Will Community Wardens have any special powers?

No, but they will be trained in dealing with minor incidents of disorder, particularly those involving young people.

What will they do?

The aim of Community Wardens will be to make your area a better place to live by reducing the fear of crime and deterring opportunist criminals. They will do this by:

  • Patrolling your area regularly.
  • Passing information to the Police and Local Authority.
  • Reporting environmental problems promptly.
  • Developing links with youth and community groups in your area.
  • Developing links with residents in your area.
  • Reassuring residents.

Are Community Wardens a second tier police force?

No, responding to crime is the responsibility of the Police and all crimes should be reported to them. Community Wardens will complement the Police by providing additional patrols in your area. Should you be unsure about calling the Police or afraid of reprisals the Community Wardens will contact the Police on your behalf, in complete confidence.

Will Community Wardens carry out repairs?

No, any repairs to your home should be reported to your area office in the usual way, however Community Wardens will arrange for such things as removal of graffiti and repairs to street lighting.

When will Community Wardens work?

Community Wardens will work every day, including weekends, from early afternoon until late evening. They will patrol your area reassuring vulnerable residents and dealing with minor incidents of disorder.

How can I contact the Community Wardens?

By telephoning 0191 420 3713 any day between 11.30am and 10.30pm. Outside of these hours a message can be left on the answering machine and we will call you back the next working day. 

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