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24 May 2012

New Recycling Site In South Shields

Press release

South Tyneside Council is making it easier for people to do their bit for the environment with the addition of another recycling site in the Borough.

The new site is based in the car park of the New Mill pub in Chesterton Road, Biddick Hall.

It allows residents to recycle their newspapers and magazines, glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans, plastic bottles and drinks cartons.

The new facility is one of more than 30 recycling sites located near shops and supermarkets across the Borough.

They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, although residents are asked to be considerate when using these sites and not to use them too late at night.

Meanwhile, the recycling point by the Park Avenue shops in Cleadon Park has been closed as the area is being redeveloped for housing.

Residents are advised to use the nearby recycling site at Temple Park Leisure Centre.

Residents can also recycle as well as dispose of household waste at the Recycling Village at Middlefields Industrial Estate, South Shields.

It is open every day except Christmas Day, from 9am to 7.30pm during the summer and until 6pm in the winter.

For a full list of recycling sites across South Tyneside or for more information about recycling visit: