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Compliment, comment or complain

If you're living away from your own family (if you're "looked after") or we are helping you and your family and you're living with them, we want to make sure we do everything in a way you like.

If you're not happy

If you are unhappy please talk about it with your foster carers, your social worker or one of the staff if you live in a children's home.

Hopefully that can get things sorted. If that doesn't work, you can use the formal complain about social care for children procedure.

If everything's going well

If you want to say something good about your foster carer, your social worker or anyone, we'd like to hear.

Your views are very important to us and you can send them to us by visiting, compliment or comment about social care for children.


Make a complaint

Tell us if you are unhappy with the service you receive from social care for children.

Send a compliment or comment

Send us your compliments and comments about social care for children.